Q. What is the meaning of an "Artist", "Agency" & "Visitor" and what are the benefits that they will get on

-> ARTIST means anybody who is an Actor/Director/Cameraman/Child Actor/Model/Singer/ Comedian/Dancer/Anchor/Music Director /Musician/ Writer/Lyricist/Makeup artist/Hair Dresser/Costume Designer/Choreographer /Voice Over artist / Radio Jockey /Mimicry artist/Dubbing artist/Journalist/Video Editor/Sound Recordist /Production manager or others. Any artist who wants to explore his/her talents and exhibit them to the Film, TV, Radio and other media/advertising agencies can enrol.

AGENCY is a production house or media/advertising agency that is able to hire unexplored/explored talents thereby saving time and getting a hassle free online audition through videos and Profiles posted by artists.

VISITOR can view all profiles, "like" them and explore the features of


1.     Are my Contact Details visible to everyone who views my Profile?

          -> No, as an artist your Contact Details are not visible to anyone. If any agency wants to get in touch with you, we shall provide you with their contact details and then you can contact them.

2.     How will my videos get uploaded on and what is the benefit of doing the same?

          -> You can upload your videos on by linking them through YouTube. You can paste the YouTube link in the “Upload videos” section in your Profile. The benefit to an Artist for uploading videos is that it can act as your online audition on the basis of which Agencies can select you.

3.     Why is my profile being put under review by the Team?

          -> Your profile is being reviewed by our team for safety and authenticity purposes.

4.     How will I connect with the Production Houses/Agencies?

          -> When an Agency shows interest in your profile and wants to contact you, we will inform you by messaging/e-mailing you the contact details of the Agency and then, you will be able to contact them.

5.     How will help me in making my Portfolio?

          -> If you want to get your portfolio made by the professionals, contact us. Our professionals will get in touch with you.


1.     How can I choose artist(s)/technicians/creative people in the wide range of requirements in the media industry?

          -> You can choose the talent through our varied range of categories along with a filter provided that refines the choice to the maximum possible extent as per your requirements.

2.     How will I be able to connect with artist(s)/technicians/creative people?

          -> You can connect with them by clicking on the “Contact Artist” option on the Artist’s profile after which the artist will get in touch with you. You can also “Post a Job” vacancy wherein all interested applicants will contact you.

3.     How can I shortlist artists and save their profiles at one place?

          -> You can shortlist and save their profiles by adding them to your wishlist by clicking on the "Add to Wishlist" option on their profiles.